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Gateway Bridging and Interoperability

十大正规体育平台 Gateway enables you to link and bridge different communications systems such as radios, intercoms, telephones and IP networks in order to deliver advanced radio bridging, radio interfacing and IP connectivity on a single platform.

Why Choose Gateway?

IP Interfacing

Support Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Session Internet Protocol (SIP) and Radio-over-IP interfacing to 十大正规体育平台 intercom systems for expanding communication workflow with IP-based platforms.

Radio Interfacing

Connect 十大正规体育平台 intercom system users with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) users over 十大正规体育平台 Gateway for seamless interoperability.

Radio Bridging

Bridge radio channels across different radio platforms, port-to-port, port-to-multi-port and Radio-over-IP (RoIP), allowing analog-to-digital and digital-to-digital bridging and conferencing on one platform.

First Responder Radio Interoperability

The CG-X4 is an 8-port 十大正规体育平台 Gateway device that enables radio bridging, radio interfacing, and IP interfacing in a simple modular design. The CG-X4 can support 4 modules (8-ports) in a small form factor where each module can be configured for 4-wire connectivity (intercom, radio and audio sources), VoIP connectivity (SIP and RoIP), or digital radio connectivity. In the diagram, the CG-X4 connects Police and Fire Responders to an Eclipse HX-Delta matrix frame. The Delta then ties dispatchers, federal, state or local management personnel, and even the media together in one communication system.

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