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Arcadia Central Station System

Arcadia®中央车站是一个可扩展的IP对讲平台,集成了FreeSpeak®无线和HelixNet®有线对讲用户站与I.V. Direct, Dante, 2-Wire and 4-Wire interfaces in a compact 1RU device. 阿卡迪亚紧凑的1RU外形能够混合285个音频信号, features front panel intercom user station, fast and easy setup, configuration and monitoring.

Product Family

Complete your Arcadia Central Station System with our suite of products.

Why Choose Arcadia?

Wired and Wireless Integration

Integration of both wired and wireless partyline systems. The 1RU device provides 2-wire, 4-wire, SFP and GPIO connections allowing both analog and digital intercom capability including the full range of FreeSpeak® products (E1/IP TCVRs; 1.9, 2.4 and 5 GHz beltpacks), HelixNet® Wired Intercom (HelixNet Remote Station, Speaker Station, and Beltpack), I.V. Direct and Dante Audio Network Interfaces.

Flexible and Future-Proof

中央车站允许用户将端口数量增加到168个—端口许可以16个为增量. As the need for greater capacity grows or a new feature is needed, 现场部署许可端口升级可用于增加阿卡迪亚对讲机的占地面积.

IP Interoperability

With a multitude of third-party devices running on IP, 中央车站提供了极大的灵活性,允许通过64个许可端口与Dante设备通信.

Easy Setup and Monitoring

该系统通过重新设计的核心配置管理器(CCM™)进行配置,从而实现快速设置, configuration and monitoring. 直观的用户界面具有一致的设计,可以快速简单地配置基于角色的腰带包的中央车站, including save and restore, text messaging, individual beltpack and group call signal and remote mic kill.

Performance Center Communications

A Performance Center can be a somewhat sprawling facility. They typically have multiple theatres, multiple dressing rooms, a carpentry area and additional the box office and administrative space. 像这样的设施的通信系统似乎需要从一个重要的通信设备开始, but that’s actually not the case. 阿卡迪亚中央车站是一个1RU设备,支持多达64个来自FreeSpeak所有三个频段的腰带包, 128 HelixNet devices using 24 channels, and 16 ports of I.V. Direct connections. On top of that, 该站有额外的64个Dante/AES67端口,可以通过灵活的端口许可系统添加. 该设备还容纳2线和4线端口,以添加模拟对讲设备和第三方设备. 这种可伸缩性使得用单个设备覆盖整个Performance Center成为现实.

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Campus Communications

In many college or business campuses, communications for productions are necessary, 但是拥有一个可以到达所有地区的单一系统可能是一项艰巨的任务. 移动flypack从一个地方到另一个地方可能是困难的,很多时候你有更多的亚洲最大体育平台比flypack. 阿卡迪亚中央车站的最新固件版本允许更高的设备容量和通过I和I连接到其他车站或帧的能力.V. Direct connection. 这给了大型校园很大的灵活性,可以将通信扩展到几乎任何规模.

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